Information About Cellfood and Cancer

We have numerous reports from cancer patients who, after taking Cellfood, went for further testing, and were told that their cancer cell count had significantly diminished, or that there was no longer any evidence of the former cancerous growth, tumour, etc.

Apart from increasing oxygenation in the body at cellular level, Cellfood also supplies a wide spectrum of nutrients to the cells so that the body’s normal processes of cellular restoration can more effectively repair any damage caused by the mutation of cancer.

Some cancer patients who have been exposed to chemotherapy and radiation therapy have experienced unpleasant side-effects, such as severe nausea, headaches, etc. because of the sudden increase of toxins and waste in their systems when the therapy has attacked the cancer cells. Those who have then taken Cellfood after these treatments have reported less or no side-effects, because of Cellfood’s oxygenating, anti-oxidant, and free-radical scavenging capabilities.

Cellfood assists the body to rapidly and effectively eliminate the additional load of toxins and waste. Often, after radiation therapy or chemotherapy, because the excess of toxins and waste is not eliminated, the body is under huge stress. Whereas, when Cellfood is taken along with other therapies, the body is kept in a high aerobic state; and, very often, the result is permanent remission.

Because Cellfood is not a medicine, it is true that it does not cure; instead it supplies the body with essential nutrients, providing an optimal environment in the body for the body to carry out its normal functions of cleansing, repairing, rebuilding, balancing and restoring.

Therefore, when cancer patients benefit from taking Cellfood (either taking it alone, or in conjunction with some other therapy), they should:

  1. change their life-styles radically, e.g. improve oxygenation of their bodies by regular aerobic exercise, and decrease acidity by changing eating and drinking habits; and/or

  2. continue taking Cellfood for the rest of their lives, in order to ensure that they have pH balanced and highly oxygenated (aerobic) environments at cellular level, which will prevent any cancerous mutation from manifesting. A combination of the above two is the ideal.


Because every individual is unique, it is not possible to be prescriptive regarding the dosage of Cellfood a cancer patient should take. We generally recommend that a cancer patient should start on a low dosage in order to minimise any unpleasant detoxification.

Start on 10 drops of Cellfood three times a day and, if no unpleasant detoxification is experienced, increase the dosage after a couple of days to 12 drops three times a day. The dosage is increased by a further 2 drops three times a day, every couple of days, while monitoring the cancer cell count.

In some severe cases of cancer, the dosage is increased to as much as 25 drops five times a day. Once the cancer cell count has been eliminated, the dosage can be slowly decreased to about 10 drops three times a day.

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