Cellfood History

Cellfood's history begins in the 1940s with its inventor, Everett Storey. According to his autobiography (Beyond Belief, published in 1982), Storey was engaged in an exhaustive process, exploring the fundamental laws of matter. He worked tirelessly at creating a water-splitting technology - a process by which the electron bonds that held oxygen and hydrogen molecules together in water would become weakened, thus releasing the two vital gasses into the body. This, he reasoned, could bring a wealth of health benefits at the cellular level. The success of that quest came in the form of a remarkable liquid formulation that Storey called "Cellfood." He referred to it as "an electromagnetic equation" because of its ability - without the use of a normally-required electrical current - to split water molecules into their component parts. According to Storey's autobiography, Albert Einstein himself acknowledged Storey's scientific accomplishments. After Storey's death in 1988, his laboratories and brilliant technology was taken over by NuScience Corporation, which now manufactures the Cellfood line of products in a state-of-the-art FDA-inspected and GMP-compliant facility in Lancaster, California.

A compelling report by Dr David Dyer on the life work of Everett Storey. 

Dr. Dyer's book also contains well-known knowledge and understanding of the significance of oxygen, hydrogen, essential minerals, enzymes, amino acids and electrolytes as it relates to wellness and longevity.