Cellfood for Animals

CELLFOOD CONCENTRATE is a liquid, highly-concentrated, super-energised, colloidal mineral and nutritional supplement, which you can add to the drinking water of an animal on a daily basis, in order to maintain its peak performance and general well-being.

As a dynamic multi-action agent, Cellfood Concentrate is environmentally and ecologically safe for all types of animals. It has no detrimental side-effects, and has numerous benefits for animals:

  • Enhances vitality and energy
  • Reduces lethargy or distress
  • Reduces unbalanced hyperactivity
  • Protects against diseases
  • Enhances optimal bodily functions
  • Strengthens systems, e.g. immune system
  • Balances body mass
  • Improves digestion
  • Enhances texture and sheen of coat
  • Promotes peak performance
  • Maintains general well-being

Today, increasing environmental pollution and fluctuations in the quality of food and drinking water are making animals more susceptible than ever to distress and disease. Deficiencies of oxygen and minerals lead to accumulation of metabolic waste and toxins in bodily systems, creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens. Therefore, the amazing supplement, Cellfood Concentrate, should be given to your animals every day, for enhancing their nutritional biochemical activities and enabling them to function optimally.

RESULTS - Cellfood achieves results in a unique and amazing manner by supplying an animal with essential nutrients, elements and minerals, as well as nascent oxygen and hydrogen (due to the splitting of water molecules inside the animal), all in a controlled manner and at cellular level, where most needed. As soon as an animal drinks water with Cellfood in it, the Cellfood starts working in its most amazing and unique manner, on the animal’s physical, electro-magnetic, chemical and biological levels.

MINERALS - Cellfood minerals are in physical colloidal form. Colloidal particles are minute and negatively-charged. Because most bodily fluids (like blood and lymph) are colloidal, the animal’s bodily systems perceive Cellfood as normal healthy bodily fluid, and allow these micro-nutrients to pass immediately through the sensitive tissues of the animal’s mouth, throat and oesophagus into the blood stream. They are then transported to all parts of the animal, at cellular level.

OXYGEN - Cellfood oxygen is used in the production of metabolic energy, and for oxidizing toxins, acids and metabolic body waste for effective elimination.

HYDROGEN - Cellfood hydrogen is used for irrigating, building and strengthening cells and organs, preventing inflammation, moistening lung surfaces for gas diffusion, and regulating body temperature.

AMINO ACIDS - Cellfood amino acids build proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters and anti-bodies, building the animal’s immune system for resisting viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

ENZYMES - Cellfood enzymes enhance the digestive and metabolic functions of the animal, enabling it to assimilate more nutritional benefits, than previously, from the existing foods that it eats.

DETOXIFICATION - When an animal initially drinks water mixed with Cellfood it may experience some form of detoxification such as increased frequency in urination, loose bowel movements, mild irritability, and various mucous discharges, accompanied by a loss of appetite and energy. Because Cellfood supplies the animal with the essential elements that it needs, its bodily systems strengthen and can more easily eliminate waste, acids and toxins that have been accumulating in its body for some time, creating breeding grounds for harmful micro-organisms.

So, it is important for the animal to go through this cleansing, which lasts only from 1 - 7 days. Afterwards, the animal will experience an improved level of vitality and well-being. This type of cleansing might happen periodically as the animal’s bodily functions strengthen, and should not be mistaken as the onset of sickness. During periods of cleansing, ensure that the animal has enough drinking water, is kept warm, and is allowed to rest.

NOT A MEDICINE - Cellfood is not a medicine. As a nutritional supplement, it provides an animal with a constant stream of essential building blocks (e.g. oxygen, minerals, etc.) so that its systems can optimally carry out their functions of energising, cleansing, building, balancing and protecting living tissue every day.

INGREDIENTS - Cellfood is a registered blend of natural plant-sourced minerals, nutrients and electrolytes in ionic colloidal suspension, and proprietary elements that supply controlled nascent oxygen and hydrogen at cellular level. All ingredients are organic and totally non-toxic. They are cryogenically, not chemically, extracted to ensure maximum pureness and potency. No alcohol or glucose is used in the product. Cellfood is also hypo-allergenic. Cellfood can be taken in conjunction with other remedies, medications and additives because it increases their bio-availability and effectiveness. See here for more information.

DOSAGE - As a guideline, add to the animal’s drinking water 1 drop of Cellfood Concentrate per 10lbs of animal weight. This aids digestion and circulation which will build performance and endurance. Will also help to fortify the immune system of the animal and help prevent epidemic

Customer Feedback

"I ordered Cellfood last Friday and received it on Monday. Immediately I started taking it and putting the drops in my dogs and cats water. For the first two days it looked as if my pets didn't want to drink the water. After a few days they started drinking it. Fast forward a week later and my Dalmatian who has hip dysplaysia and a torn ligament who hasn't played in a year started acting like a puppy again playing with his toys! My cat who has always been underweight w/out much of a appetite started eating 3 cans of cat food a day! Me, I now have more energy and get a better nights sleep! I even cleaned my Dalmatians ears with the cellfood mixed with water and he has not scratched them since!"