Cellfood Concentrate

CELLFOOD Concentrate increases your internal oxygen supply and naturally strengthens your immune system and boosts energy levels.

CELLFOOD Concentrate is the world's number one selling oxygen and nutrient supplement that delivers oxygen, minerals, enzymes and amino acids throughout the body at deep cellular level.

CELLFOOD Concentrate contains the 78 trace minerals that are needed on a daily basis for the body to function effectively. In addition, Cellfood has 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids plus electrolytes and dissolved oxygen. The minerals, enzymes and amino acids are cryogenically (extreme cold) not chemically extracted - and are totally non-toxic.

Amazing things begin to happen in your body when you take Cellfood, because it eliminates toxic compounds in a stimulating chain reaction that creates an oxygen rich environment. Cellfood becomes kinetic energy, super charging the body with pure natural oxygen. Drop by drop Cellfood is so potent that it gives maximum healing and detoxifying benefits. The functions of the body escalate to correct its own problems, energy levels increase and stress decreases. Cellfood allows the body to function cleanly.

CELLFOOD Concentrate is completely safe, even at very high levels. It has passed the LD50 test, the standard for nutrition safety studies in Europe and America, easily surpassing the permitted levels.

Take CELLFOOD every day for enhanced performance in life.

Cellfood drops

Suggested Instructions For Use

Cellfood is a liquid concentrate taken by mixing a number of drops in a glass of filtered or still bottled water. PLEASE NOTE: If you use ordinary tap water, Cellfood starts purifying the water and the benefit you receive from Cellfood is reduced.

Cellfood Concentrate comes in a 30ml unbreakable bottle that provides a 30-day supply when taken as directed. 

Start by taking 8 drops in a glass of water three times a day. The average 24 drops a day can be taken as 12 drops twice a day, or even as 24 drops at once. If you respond initially by detoxifying,  then reduce the dosage and slowly start increasing up to 24 drops a day.

You may also mix one day’s amount in a water bottle to sip throughout the day. 

Cellfood Concentrate can safely be given to children at one drop of Cellfood daily per year of age. After 18, use normal adult dosage.

How much Cellfood you take depends on your unique personal needs. You cannot overdose on Cellfood because it is a nutritional supplement made from natural substances and the body only uses what it needs, eliminating the rest through the normal channels of elimination.

STORAGE: Avoid extreme temperatures. Keep in a cool and dry location, away from direct sunlight. No refrigeration is required.

Used and trusted in over 90 countries

CELLFOOD has been used and trusted in over 90 countries for nearly fifty years.