What is Cellfood? Cellfood is a dietary supplement designed to help bring the body to a state of optimum health. It’s the world’s top selling oxygen + nutrient supplement, and is now available in over 90 countries.

What is the philosophy behind Cellfood? The philosophy of Cellfood’s formulation is: “Toxins out, nutrients in.” Its ability to deliver oxygen to the body at the cellular level — while at the same time scavenging free radicals — is at the heart of its detoxifying properties. And Cellfood’s wide array of plant-sourced trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids provides foundational cellular nutrition, giving the body what it needs to heal itself, as nature intended.

How does Cellfood detoxify? Cellfood enables oxygen to be generated by the splitting of water molecules in the body into atoms of nascent oxygen and hydrogen. In biochemical terms, a newly born singlet atom of oxygen is negatively charged (O-). Free radicals (which many biochemists believe are the primary cause of premature ageing and degenerating health issues) are positively charged singlet atoms of oxygen (O+). The nascent oxygen atom (O-) is attracted to the (O+) free radical, forming a molecule of stabilised oxygen (O2) at the cellular level, where it can detoxify and repair. More about detoxification.

How do I take Cellfood? Cellfood is a liquid concentrate, taken orally by mixing 8 drops in 8 ounces of purified water three (3) times per day — or by mixing 24 drops in a sport bottle, to be sipped throughout the day. Cellfood has a refreshing, slightly lemony taste. If used according to recommended dosages, a bottle will last at least 30 days. People who are sensitive to some nutrients may wish to start with a lower dosage, and then gradually increase to full dosage. It is best if Cellfood is taken every day. When starting, it is advisable to take Cellfood for at least 3 months.

Can children take Cellfood? Cellfood Concentrate can safely be given to children at one drop of Cellfood daily per year of age. After 18, use normal adult dosage.

Can I take more than the recommended amount of Cellfood? Yes. Many Cellfood users choose to take more than the recommended dosage during times of stress or enhanced physical activity. Cellfood is a nutritional supplement made from ingredients that are thoroughly tested for safety. The body uses only what it needs, and eliminates the rest through the normal channels.

What is the shelf life of Cellfood? Cellfood is an extraordinarily stable formula. The bottle states a 10-year expiration, but recent testing of 40-year-old samples have demonstrated an actual improvement in potency.

How does the body absorb Cellfood? The nutrients in Cellfood are in a colloidal/ionic form. Colloidal particles are minute (4-7 nanometers in diameter), take on a negative (ionic) charge, and remain suspended in liquid. Because most bodily fluids are colloidal and negatively charged, the body perceives Cellfood as normal healthy body fluid and allows the nutrients to pass immediately through the sensitive membranes of the mouth, throat, and oesophagus, directly into the bloodstream.

What happens if I don’t see results? Sometimes a person is unaware of the benefits that Cellfood is facilitating at deep cellular levels. Many people who first reported “no results” from taking Cellfood later reported, after physical examinations, that their baseline measurements had normalised, and were maintaining at healthy levels. Additionally, Cellfood is designed to raise the frequencies of all organs, making them more resistant to lower frequency health challenges. This fortification of the immune system helps the body become more capable of combating micro-organisms that could be detrimental to general health.

Am I cheating if I use Cellfood during sports competitions? No. None of Cellfood’s fine ingredients appear on the List of Banned Substances — issued and governed by international, professional, and amateur athletic associations.

What if I am already taking supplements or medicines? Cellfood may be used in conjunction with other nutritional supplements, and there are no known contraindications. In fact, Cellfood has been shown to increase the bioavailability of other substances, enabling the body to more effectively use them. If you are pregnant or under medical care, or are using prescription medications, please consult your health professional before using.

Can I get too much iron (or other mineral) from Cellfood? You have no need to be concerned about any accumulation of unwanted substances. All 129 of Cellfood’s mineral, enzyme and amino acid ingredients are present in strictly trace amounts, also known as “parts per billion.” The inventor of Cellfood called this formulation an “electromagnetic equation,” meaning that it was the electromagnetic charge caused by the combination of these ingredients that was significant in helping Cellfood to split open water molecules — thus releasing oxygen and hydrogen at the cellular level. These very tiny trace amounts do this job perfectly and also provide very pure nutrition to the body.

Do I still need to take the Cellfood Concentrate if I am taking any other Cellfood product? Yes. Cellfood Concentrate should be your foundational supplement. There are relatively small amounts of Cellfood in the other products in our line, and so none of the secondary products will replace taking Cellfood Concentrate. Cellfood is added to our other products as a bioavailability booster, and provider of high-quality trace nutrients as co-factors.

What if I have additional questions? Please call or email us. We are happy to help.